Games with Their Own Pages

MMORPG and FPS Computer Games


Dungeons & Dragons Online Turbine's fantasy MMORPG based on TSR's D&D PnP game (3.5 rule set)
Star Citizen Cloud Imperium Games' multi-player space simulator
Champions Online Cryptic Studio's comic book hero MMORPG based on the pen-and-paper RPG of the 1980's
The Secret World Funcom's modern-day world MMORPG with unrestricted character progression
Star Trek Online Cryptic Studio's Star Trek MMORPG based on the TV series' and movies
Guild Wars 2 NCSoft's sequel fantasy free-to-play MMORPG
Neverwinter Online Perfect World's fantasy free-to-play MMORPG based on TSR's D&D PnP game (4e rule set)
EVE Online CCP's Space MMORPG with a focus on PvP team play and market trading
Star Wars the Old Republic BioWare's Star Wars MMORPG
Guild Wars NCSoft's fantasy free-to-play MMORPG
World of Warcraft Blizzard's fantasy MMORPG based on their Warcraft lore

FPS Games

MechWarrior Online Piranha Game's MechWarrior franchise version of an FPS
QuakeLive ID's browser based version of Quake III Arena
Quake III Arena ID's great PvP first person shoot-em-up
Return to Castle Wolfenstein ID's great WWII PvP first person shoot-em-up
RtCW: Enemy Territory An expanded and free version of RtCF

Other Games (Solo and Multi-Player)

StarCraft 2 Blizzard's military science fiction real-time strategy game
TorchLight Runic Games' Diablo II like solo player game
Diablo II Blizzard's fantasy D&D type game

Non-Computer Games

Ironsworn Shawn Tomkin's solo/cooperative PnP RPG
Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast's trading card game