MMORPG and FPS Computer Games

MMORPG Games I Currently Play

Dungeons & Dragons Online Turbine's fantasy MMORPG based on TSR's D&D PnP game (3.5 rule set)
Star Citizen Cloud Imperium Games' multi-player space simulator

MMORPG Games I Sometimes Play

Champions Online Cryptic Studio's comic book hero MMORPG based on the pen-and-paper RPG of the 1980's
The Secret World Funcom's modern-day world MMORPG with unrestricted character progression
Star Trek Online Cryptic Studio's Star Trek MMORPG based on the TV series' and movies
Guild Wars 2 NCSoft's sequel fantasy free-to-play MMORPG

MMORPG Games I Used to Play

Neverwinter Online Perfect World's fantasy free-to-play MMORPG based on TSR's D&D PnP game (4e rule set)
EVE Online CCP's Space MMORPG with a focus on PvP team play and market trading
Star Wars the Old Republic BioWare's Star Wars MMORPG
Guild Wars NCSoft's fantasy free-to-play MMORPG
World of Warcraft Blizzard's fantasy MMORPG based on their Warcraft lore

FPS Game I Currently Play

MechWarrior Online Piranha Game's MechWarrior franchise version of an FPS

FPS Games I Used to Play

QuakeLive ID's browser based version of Quake III Arena
Quake III Arena ID's great PvP first person shoot-em-up
Return to Castle Wolfenstein ID's great WWII PvP first person shoot-em-up
RtCW: Enemy Territory An expanded and free version of RtCF

Other Games (Solo and Multi-Player)

StarCraft 2 Blizzard's military science fiction real-time strategy game
TorchLight Runic Games' Diablo II like solo player game
Diablo II Blizzard's fantasy D&D type game

Non-Computer Games that I Like